Richard Geary, FESF’s Founder and Director of Programs, was a speaker at the leading EdTech conference organized by the World EdTech Forum 2021 held in London, UK. The Forum is a leading education technology event and has included keynotes and presenters from Microsoft, Google, and Harvard University. 

The area of focus for Richard’s presentation was “Creating Access and Inclusion for Marginalized Children via EdTech.” His address at the forum highlighted the Deaf Reach journey to adapt to digital and distance learning in the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the past decade Deaf Reach has invested in computer literacy for young deaf students, teachers and staff. Using their Pakistan Sign Language digital resources, the school system was able to rapidly adapt to pandemic conditions and develop an offline learning model. Students from the remotest areas were provided content-loaded laptops and remote teacher assistance to continue learning during school closures.

For more information, see our EdTech Report.

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