Facilities to train educators for the Deaf do not currently exist in Pakistan. Deaf Reach regularly hosts Teaching Training Seminars, and has developed a Teacher Internship Program, one of the first of its kind. Since the program’s initiation in 2005, 800 teachers have been trained as educators of the Deaf and 210 of these are currently on staff at Deaf Reach schools.

Teacher Development

There is a critical need for trained teachers of the Deaf capacitated to educate students in Pakistan Sign Language with visual learning methodologies tailored to the learning needs of deaf students. Deaf Reach identifies high achieving deaf students and provides training for them to pursue a career in Deaf education.

Training Sessions

Regular training sessions are conducted throughout the year to provide teachers with ongoing training and support in their career development. Trainees gain hands-on experience by interning with leading teachers, with many growing into positions of leadership. Currently, 50 percent of Deaf Reach’s teaching staff are deaf.

Deaf Reach’s Teacher Training Program


Teachers Trained